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Client, appointment and diary software.

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CleverClients is software for small businesses that make appointments either for the client to attend their office(e.g. allied health clinic, music school, gym) or for staff to go to the client to provide a service (e.g. plumber, carpet layer, mortgage broker). The system enables you to record your clients and the appointments they make for your services, associates, organisations and referrers, and has the aim of making operations like generating documents, claiming from the government and insurance companies, tracking payments, and reporting income, much easier. Appointments and service times are displayed in staff diaries. Reminders and daily task lists can be sent as SMS or by Email. Several types of reports and plots can be displayed. Template files are used to define standard letters. A manual and extensive information is available at The software can be configured for many different types of businesses. Example businesses provided are: * Cleaning company that cleans offices, homes, etc * Educational organisation that gives courses * Electrician who (like other tradesman) visits clients * Mechanic who runs a workshop to which his clients bring their vehicles * Psychology practice that runs a clinic with several staff.

34.42 MB
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Java, At least Win XP or Mac OS X

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