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Enterprise-Wide Server Management Software

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Enterprise-Wide Event Log Management, Syslog Consolidation, Text Log Monitoring, Disk Space Monitoring, File and Directory Access Monitoring, Windows Security Event Log Reports including Failed Logons, Success Logons, Logon Sessions, Account Lockout, Account Management. Includes Windows Server Monitors such as Active Directory Monitor, Account Lockout Monitor, CPU Monitor, Memory Monitor, SQL Server Monitor, MySQL Monitor, Process Monitor, Resource Monitor, Registry Monitor, Windows Service Monitor, Performance Counter Monitor, Idle File Monitor, File Size Monitor, File Count Monitor, Directory Monitor and Digital Signature Expiration Monitor. Includes Internet Server Monitors such as Ping Monitor, HTTP/S Monitor, TCP Port Monitor, DSN Monitor, DNS Black List Monitor, FTP Monitor, Network Throughput Monitor, Email Monitor, IMAP Monitor, POP3 Monitor, SMTP Monitor, SNMP Traps and Monitor, Domain Expiration Monitor, SSL Certificate Expiration Monitor and much more at an affordable price.

16.51 MB
Price *:
240 USD
Windows Server 2008 R2/Windows 7 SP1

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