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EditRocket for Mac 4.5.3 Add to your Favorites!

A powerful text and source code editor

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A powerful programming text editor and source code editor with support for over 20 languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Java, Python, Perl, XML, C, Shell Script, Ruby, Batch, C++, C#, COBOL, JSP, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL PL, and Transact-SQL. Includes syntax highlighting, code builders and sidekicks, clickable method and function navigators, code completion, tag completion, function lookup, powerful regular expression enabled search tools, bracket and tag matching, CSS, XML, and HTML validators, a CSS style builder, an HTML tag builder, HTML Tidy, a powerful file system browser, bookmarks, file compare, key ahead, color chooser, and much more.

Operating system:
37.46 MB
Price *:
49.95 USD
Mac OS X or macOS

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