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Servers (26)

10903 freeware and shareware programs for direct download.

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     1. UFO VPN for iOS 4.1.4  Productvideo available! Screenshot available!  iPhone / iPad / iPod / iTouch / iOS 
    Screenshot from UFO VPN for iOSUFO VPN, the best free, fast and unlimited VPN proxy for Android devices! Your first choice to use secure WiFi hotspots, protect your privacy and access all websites. It is the most easy-to-use VPN service that you can not miss today!

    12.01 MB | Freeware | 19.09.2019

     2. ProVide 12.18.1  Productvideo available! Screenshot available! Antivirus report available  Windows 
    Screenshot from ProVideProVide is a user-friendly solution to safely and securely provide files and documents to/from businesses and consumers. Our solutions are developed to have a small resource footprint and makes it possible to provide large files without any hassle.

    5.92 MB | Freeware | 03.09.2019

     3. UFO VPN 3.0.1  Productvideo available! Screenshot available!  Android 
    Screenshot from UFO VPNUFO VPN, the best free, fast and unlimited VPN proxy for Android devices! Your first choice to use secure WiFi hotspots, protect your privacy and access all websites. It is the most easy-to-use VPN service that you can not miss today!

    13.85 MB | Freeware | 22.07.2019

    Screenshot from License4J Floating License ServerFloating License Server runs as a service on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. Since it is Java based it runs on Linux and UNIX operating systems.

    146.75 MB | Freeware | 01.10.2018

    Screenshot from C-MOR IP Videoüberwachung Software Windows/MacNo description available.

    339.83 MB | Freeware | 15.08.2018

    Screenshot from Django Dev. Web Unitdjango webserver and control panel

    10.48 MB | Freeware | 20.05.2018

    Screenshot from Server!Secure FTP, FTPS (implicit and explicit TLS) and SFTP server for Windows. Runs as a system service, supports large files (> 4GB), virtual folders, PKI authentication, global and per-user security, event handlers, and its free for personal use.

    213.94 MB | Freeware | 19.07.2017

    Screenshot from Live Video Broadcast Server for WindowsTTXN Live Video Broadcast Server is a light weight and high performance multi-point communication server, provide video access, storage, management and distribution service.

    1.81 MB | Freeware | 09.04.2017

     9. mod_authnz_ibmdb2 2.2.6  Screenshot available! Server-Mirror available! Antivirus report available  Linux 
    Screenshot from mod_authnz_ibmdb2mod_authnz_ibmdb2 is an Apache authentication module using IBM DB2 as the backend database for storing user and group information. The module supports several encryption methods. I also provide UDFs and Stored Procedures to generate and validate.

    0.12 MB | Freeware | 04.04.2017

    Screenshot from MicroServer!MicroServer! is a portable SFTP server for Windows. Its less than 3 MB in total, and can be run from a USB stick. Its FREE for any use, including business and commercial.

    2.85 MB | Freeware | 07.03.2017

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  • Updates
  • Soft4Boost Dup File Finder 7.8.3. Windows 
    20.10.2019 / 13.17 MB
    ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy 8.00 Windows 
    17.10.2019 / 2.87 MB
    Privacy Eraser Free 4.55.3 Windows 
    15.10.2019 / 5.9 MB
    Spartan Portable Multi Clipboard  Windows 
    14.10.2019 / 17.05 MB
    Office Timeline Free Edition 4.00 Windows 
    14.10.2019 / 18.06 MB
    doPDF 10.4.117 Windows 
    14.10.2019 / 67.07 MB
    DoNotSpy10 5.1 Windows 
    14.10.2019 / 2.9 MB
    Liquib Screensaver 2.6 Windows 
    11.10.2019 / 5.7 MB
    Ultimate Settings Panel 6.5 Windows 
    11.10.2019 / 0.34 MB
    Batch Audio To Mp3 Concatenator L Windows 
    10.10.2019 / 4.07 MB
    Easy Photo 2 Data URI Lite 1.38 Windows 
    10.10.2019 / 2.56 MB
    Batch SlideShow Creator Lite 1.38 Windows 
    10.10.2019 / 27.69 MB
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  • New entries
  • Neurons Galaxy Screensaver 2.0 Windows 
    15.10.2019 / 1.21 MB
    mightymacros Dat Lite 1.0.0 Windows 
    12.10.2019 / 0.56 MB
    Point n Scan Create QR, barcode,  Android 
    08.10.2019 / 5.1 MB
    Hasleo NTFS for Mac 1.0 macOS 
    08.10.2019 / 5.91 MB
    Orbit Simulator 6.7 Windows 
    08.10.2019 / 0.67 MB
    AlphaPlugins LaplacianBlend (Mac) macOS 
    04.10.2019 / 2.71 MB
    AlphaPlugins LaplacianBlend (Win) Windows 
    04.10.2019 / 3.94 MB
    Valentina Reports Server for Wind Windows 
    18.09.2019 / 17.6 MB
    Valentina Reports Server for Mac  macOS 
    18.09.2019 / 19.35 MB
    Typing Assistant 2.0.1 Windows 
    12.09.2019 / 2.59 MB
    Icecream PDF Editor 1.30 Windows 
    09.09.2019 / 16.1 MB
    Easy Photo Sketcher Lite 1.36 Windows 
    08.09.2019 / 2.58 MB
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  • October-tips
      • Screenshot

          mightymacros Excel Utilities 4.4.9
        mightymacros simplifies many repetitive tasks in Excel with a useful set of tools. (from mightymacros, License: Freeware, Release date: 02.10.2019)

      • Screenshot

          Easy Photo Sketcher Lite 1.38
        Software to easily convert photos into either black or white board sketches. The sketching phase is preceeded by steps where the user can select both the part of the image to be sketched and whether or not to apply color-enhancing filters to it. (from Filipe Rosado da Fonseca, License: Freeware, Release date: 10.10.2019)

      • Screenshot

          NTFS Recovery Toolkit 12.0.0
        NTFS recovery toolkit contains file recovery tool, partition recovery tool, partition manager tool and disk editor utility. (from LSoft Technologies Inc., License: Freeware, Release date: 07.10.2019)

      • Screenshot

          Point n Scan Create QR, barcode, EAN, 1.0.2
        Scan a variety of codes either using camera or scan an existing image file. Generate QR, Data Matrix, PDF 417, Aztec, EAN, UPC, ITF, Codabar, Barcodes, etc. easily with the app. History that helps you recreating codes that were created earlier. (from Techie Computers, License: Freeware, Release date: 08.10.2019)

      • Screenshot

          Soft4Boost Toolbar Cleaner
        Soft4Boost Toolbar Cleaner allows you to remove unwanted toolbars, apps, add-ons, and plug-ins including Ask, Alot, Babylon, Bing and MSN Toolbars. Download now and see what it can do for you. (from Sorentio Systems Ltd., License: Freeware, Release date: 05.10.2019)

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