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System Utilities (758)

10903 freeware and shareware programs for direct download.

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    Screenshot from Soft4Boost Dup File FinderSoft4Boost Dup File Finder is a free disk utility designed to help you to find and remove useless duplicate files, stored on your PC. By using this powerful yet free utility, you can increase free space on your disk by up to 50%.

    13.17 MB | Freeware | 20.10.2019

    Screenshot from Spartan Portable Multi Clipboard ManagerHave you ever needed information on one computer that you have on another? Forget transferring files. Spartan is a clipboard manager that runs entirely from a plug in flash drive. Plug into one PC and copy. Plug into another and paste. Its that ...

    17.05 MB | Freeware | 14.10.2019

     3. doPDF 10.4.117  Screenshot available!  Windows 
    Screenshot from doPDFdoPDF allows you to freely convert documents to PDF files. It installs as a printer driver, enabling you to print from any Windows application. Features include: customizable resolution, quality settings, predefined page size and more.

    67.07 MB | Freeware | 14.10.2019

     4. Ultimate Settings Panel 6.5  Productvideo available! Screenshot available! Server-Mirror available! Antivirus report available  Windows 
    Screenshot from Ultimate Settings PanelAn all in one settings solution for a multitude of configuration options in Windows, Office.

    0.34 MB | Freeware | 11.10.2019

     5. Hasleo NTFS for Mac 1.0  Screenshot available!  macOS 
    Screenshot from Hasleo NTFS for MacHasleo NTFS for Mac is a software primarily designed to help users access NTFS drives on Mac, with it you can mount, unmount, read and write NTFS drives easily, safely and seamlessly on macOS & OS X.

    5.91 MB | Freeware | 08.10.2019

    Screenshot from Macro Toolworks, Free EditionMacro Toolworks is a powerful all-in-one automation software for Windows. It allows users to record macros, create macros in a easy to use macro editor, and playback macros in any Windows application or web page.

    9.2 MB | Freeware | 07.10.2019

     7. NTFS Recovery Toolkit 12.0.0  Screenshot available! Antivirus report available  Windows 
    Screenshot from NTFS Recovery ToolkitNTFS recovery toolkit contains file recovery tool, partition recovery tool, partition manager tool and disk editor utility.

    50.59 MB | Freeware | 07.10.2019

     8. Top Process Monitor 9.8  Screenshot available! Antivirus report available  Windows 
    Screenshot from Top Process MonitorDisplays the processes that are using the most CPU, memory, IO and other on your system.

    0.1 MB | Freeware | 07.10.2019

    Screenshot from Atlantis Word Processor LiteAtlantis Word Processor Lite will be the perfect companion for your word processing tasks. It is powerful, fast-loading and completely free.

    2.96 MB | Freeware | 05.10.2019

    Screenshot from Soft4Boost Toolbar CleanerSoft4Boost Toolbar Cleaner allows you to remove unwanted toolbars, apps, add-ons, and plug-ins including Ask, Alot, Babylon, Bing and MSN Toolbars. Download now and see what it can do for you.

    14.55 MB | Freeware | 05.10.2019

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  • Updates
  • Soft4Boost Dup File Finder 7.8.3. Windows 
    20.10.2019 / 13.17 MB
    ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy 8.00 Windows 
    17.10.2019 / 2.87 MB
    Privacy Eraser Free 4.55.3 Windows 
    15.10.2019 / 5.9 MB
    Spartan Portable Multi Clipboard  Windows 
    14.10.2019 / 17.05 MB
    Office Timeline Free Edition 4.00 Windows 
    14.10.2019 / 18.06 MB
    doPDF 10.4.117 Windows 
    14.10.2019 / 67.07 MB
    DoNotSpy10 5.1 Windows 
    14.10.2019 / 2.9 MB
    Liquib Screensaver 2.6 Windows 
    11.10.2019 / 5.7 MB
    Ultimate Settings Panel 6.5 Windows 
    11.10.2019 / 0.34 MB
    Batch Audio To Mp3 Concatenator L Windows 
    10.10.2019 / 4.07 MB
    Easy Photo 2 Data URI Lite 1.38 Windows 
    10.10.2019 / 2.56 MB
    Easy Photo 2 Data URI Lite 1.38 Windows 
    10.10.2019 / 2.56 MB
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  • New entries
  • Neurons Galaxy Screensaver 2.0 Windows 
    15.10.2019 / 1.21 MB
    mightymacros Dat Lite 1.0.0 Windows 
    12.10.2019 / 0.56 MB
    Point n Scan Create QR, barcode,  Android 
    08.10.2019 / 5.1 MB
    Hasleo NTFS for Mac 1.0 macOS 
    08.10.2019 / 5.91 MB
    Orbit Simulator 6.7 Windows 
    08.10.2019 / 0.67 MB
    AlphaPlugins LaplacianBlend (Mac) macOS 
    04.10.2019 / 2.71 MB
    AlphaPlugins LaplacianBlend (Win) Windows 
    04.10.2019 / 3.94 MB
    Valentina Reports Server for Wind Windows 
    18.09.2019 / 17.6 MB
    Valentina Reports Server for Mac  macOS 
    18.09.2019 / 19.35 MB
    Typing Assistant 2.0.1 Windows 
    12.09.2019 / 2.59 MB
    Icecream PDF Editor 1.30 Windows 
    09.09.2019 / 16.1 MB
    Easy Photo Sketcher Lite 1.36 Windows 
    08.09.2019 / 2.58 MB
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  • October-tips
      • Screenshot

          Liquib Screensaver 2.6
        Liquib turns an image into a virtual fluid, to produce flowing, evolving transformations on its liquified surface, optionally with music. Configuration options control which effects are included and how often they are rendered. (from, License: Freeware, Release date: 11.10.2019)

      • Screenshot

          Batch Audio To Mp3 Concatenator Lite 1.38
        Software to easily concatenate collections of mp3 files with the best quality and the smallest size, taking into account both the maximum required quality and the compatibility with the target player. (from Filipe Rosado da Fonseca, License: Freeware, Release date: 10.10.2019)

      • Screenshot

          Privacy Eraser Free 4.55.3
        Privacy Eraser is an all-in-one privacy suite that protects your privacy by cleaning up all your Internet history tracks and past computer activities. (from Cybertron Software Co., Ltd., License: Freeware, Release date: 15.10.2019)

      • Screenshot

          Top Process Monitor 9.8
        Displays the processes that are using the most CPU, memory, IO and other on your system. (from Bushyn SOFTWARE, License: Freeware, Release date: 07.10.2019)

      • Screenshot

          MELM, oder Programm zur Gewinnkontrolle 7.28
        Programm fuer eine besonders benutzerfreundliche Gewinnkontrolle fuer alle Lotterien. Bis zu 10000 Spielreihen. Direkte Auswertung von allen Vollsystemen. Gewinntabelle erstellen - alle Lottosysteme. Lottoanalyse. Direkte Gewinnermittlung. Freeware (from Margret Stilke-Volosyak, License: Freeware, Release date: 02.10.2019)

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