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Secure Lockdown Multi Application Ed. 2.00.176 Add to your Favorites!

lockdown kiosks, digital signage, trade shows

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Lock down Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. Intesets inexpensive Secure Lockdown v2 - Multi Application Edition is ideal for kiosks, trade shows, library and school labs, hotels, hospitals, Internet cafes, gaming centers, museums, and correctional facilities. Give access to only the apps you need. Secure Lockdown removes the Windows Desktop functionality and unwanted key strokes and runs an elegant customizable menu with only the programs you allow. Inteset Secure Lockdown v2 - Multi Application Edition includes the following features: Windows 7/8/10 Lockdown Features o Creates a virtual embedded, single purpose operating environment o Secure Lockdown runs as a hidden background application and removes access to undesired Windows features o Removes the Windows Task bar and Start button o Secure independent Windows user accounts o Removes Desktop actions and features such as: o Desktop right-click menu o Task Manager access o CTRL-ALT-Delete functions o System shutdown or logoff o Windows Ease of Access o Windows Help and Support Disables numerous keystrokes including: o Alt-tab o Alt-F4 o Alt-Esc o Alt-Shift-Esc o CTRL-Esc o CTRL-Alt-Esc o Windows Keys o F1 (Windows Help) F3 (Windows Search) Application Launch Features o With Windows locked down, users have access to an elegant, easy-to-use menu utility configured to run applications of your choice o Circle Dock (included) is a popular, free, simple, customizable, utility which you can configure to launch only the applications you need o Can configure applications to launch in a single instance Internet Explorer Lockdown Features o Runs Internet Explorer locked down o Configure unique UI customizations o Run Internet Explorer in Kiosk mode o Keep Internet Explorer maximized o Restrict access to only certain websites o Prevent printing, Open dialog, files downloads, and new browser windows

59.96 MB
Price *:
29.95 USD
OS: Windows XP (.Net 3.5, SP3); Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8; Windows 10

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